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Tuesday, 22 January 2013


The recent social media highlight of a talk by a guest speaker and questioning by a student reveals some disturbing trends in higher education today. For some time now, there have been complains and concerns over such claims of brain washing, indoctrination, propaganda type gathering where young people have to endure these sessions.

These approaches to engage with young people and university students will not help foster a thinking culture which is so urgently needed in today’s society. Thinking skills - to be able to gather all the information and data on a topic, analyse all the facts and come to a logical conclusion is most essential.

However many young people are being robbed of this opportunity and this action by officials can be viewed as a violation of human rights as the freedom of expression, the freedom of thought and freedom to associate is being deprived. These rights are protected in the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and Malaysia is a party to CRC and therefore must ensure that these rights are promoted and protected not just for children below 18 years of age but also to all young people in their prime years in higher education too.
Among academics, philosophers and economist there have been many writings on this theme of rational thinking and public space to articulate national concerns. The German philosopher Habemas develops the ideas on the ‘public sphere’, John Rawls develops his thesis of ‘justice as fairness’ in the context of public discourse and Amarty Sen states that ‘democracy is assessed in terms of public reasoning’

It is therefore of high importance that institutions of higher learning provide the space as well as foster the revenant  knowledge and competencies for engagement and dialogue in a conducive environment which nurtures open discussions and reasoning.
It is in this context that Proham is hosting a discussion to hear young voice of their experiences, challenges and their suggestions on how they can play a constructive role in nation building as thinking citizens.


Date:              Feb 6, 2013 (Wed)

Time:              8pm to 10.30pm (Coffee served)

Venue:            Conference Room at Dignity International, A-2-7 Pusat Perdagangan Seksyen 8,
                       Jalan Sg. Jernih 8/1, 46050 Petaling Jaya, Tel/Fax :03 7931 0741
The discussion will be moderated in Bahasa Malaysia by Mr Ruhan Shahrir, Research Fellow & PhD candidate (KITA-UKM). Panel speakers are being finalised for among university students and recent graduates.
We are seeking to invite Muhammad Ismail (UKM), Ms Bavani (UUM), Mr Ong Jin Cheng (USM) & Mr Adam Adli (UPSI) to share their views & experiences. We are waiting for confirmation.
Participants could also make comments in English or BM but the session will mostly be conducted in the national language.
Participation is by invitation only and if you are interested to participate and share your view please email to : or sms at 019 381 0914

Please be free to contact Mr Helmy for more details too: mobile 014-8611355 or email him at

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