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Monday, 12 January 2015


PROHAM together with Brickfields Asia College is hosting the 2015 

The topics chose are contemporary and relevant to Malaysian society. The presenters are public intellectuals who are from a human rights academic or activist background. We like to foster open, rational and responsible discussions. We believe this is the best way to dispel and challenge extreme thinking which polarises Malaysia society

This Human Rights Lecture Series seeks to popularise human rights based on the UN Human Rights Day theme HUMAN RIGHTS 365. We like young people especially those in local universities to have an opportunity to set the future agenda of the nation.

The lectures will reflect on contemporary challenges and chart a direction in building a better Malaysia based on the principles of the UDHR, Federal Constitution & Rukun Negara.

PROHAM believes that human rights are universal and is a better framework to foster an inclusive, fair and just society where all human beings, families and communities will regain dignity, justice and rights.

After the lecture of 45 minutes there will be an opportunity for the public to make comments, observations and raise questions. We like this series to enable us to think and reflect from a human rights basis on matters that affect our daily life in Malaysian society, Asean & the world at large.

The lecture series are moderated by Dato Saifuddin Abdullah (CEO, Global Movement of Moderators) & Datuk Dr Denison Jayasooria (Proham Secretary General). 

Join us for a lively discussion in setting the agenda in nation building – Malaysia in 2015 and beyond built on the foundations of human rights for all and for all times.


January  23

Federal Constitution, UDHR & Human Rights
Prof Shad Saleem Faruqi

March 20
Race Relations, ICERD & Human Rights
Mr Jerald Joseph

May 22
Mediation & Human Rights
Datuk Kuthubul Zama

July 23
Gender & Human Rights
Ms Ivy Josiah

Sept 25
Sustainable Development & Human Rights
Dr Lin Mui Kiang

Nov 20
Religious Freedom & Human Rights
Mr Andrew Khoo

Time:               3 to 6pm

Venue:             2nd Floor, Brickfield Asia College (PJ Campus)

Admission:      Free but must register

For registration & further details contact:

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