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Thursday, 12 February 2015

Lessons from Tok Guru

Our hearts are saddened by the passing away of Tok Guru Nik Aziz. Our prayers are for his family and loved ones at this hour of their sadness.

We are reminded of this man of God who played a major role in embodying the principles of Islam in his life and role as an elected leader in politics.

We learn many lessons which can serve as a role model for others in public office in contemporary Malaysian society and the world scene.

We recognise his simplicity in an affluent time, his humility in a climate of arrogance, his servant leadership in contrast to political leadership of dominance, his compassion in the midst of a selfish and self-centred society.

Your passing away is not just a loss to your family and party, it is also a loss to the state and nation especially in a time like this.

We pray that the lessons you thought us will guide this nation towards greater tolerance, appreciation and acceptance of each other.

Datuk Dr Denison Jayasooria, Secretary General Proham

Feb 13, 2015

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