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Thursday, 9 April 2015

Malaysia on a Rights- abusing course

"The rights abusing Sedition Act should be on the chopping block in Parliament, not on the building block with newly proposed amendments to impose mandatory prison sentences and strip away the right to bail.  

Instead of acting like rubber stamp drones, government MPs should find the courage to join the opposition in rejecting these amendments and insist that Prime Minister Najib fulfill his original promise to do away with the Sedition Act.  

If these new Sedition Act amendments pass, joining the POTA bill re-imposing detention without trial, this will truly be a week in Malaysia that will live in human rights infamy.  

International friends of Malaysia need to redouble their efforts to dissuade the government from continuing on this rights-abusing course, which will cause long term damage to democracy and governance in Malaysia."  

Phil Robertson, Deputy Director for Asia, Human Rights Watch,  about the pending Sedition Act amendments.

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