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Sunday, 20 October 2013


Malaysia will be reviewed by the global community Oct 24, 2013 at 2.30pm to 6pm by the Human Rights Council in Geneva.

There are specific reports on Malaysia and its human rights position over the past years. Malaysia was last reviewed in 2009.

In this context Proham is hosting a discussion on this theme.

Date:                Oct 22, 2013 (Tuesday)

Time :               8pm to 10pm (latest 10.30pm)

Venue:              Bilik Bunga Mawar 1st Floor Bangunan Utama/HQ MBPJ,
                         Jalan Yong Shook Lin, Petaling Jaya


To highlight the UPR process in enhancing human rights compliance

To highlight the summary & content of the three key reports on Malaysia  for the 2013 review

To discuss the current status of human rights in Malaysia

Panel Speakers
Tan Sri Simon Sipaun (Proham Chairman)

Ms Juanita Lourdes Joseph (UN Malaysia Special Coordinator)

Suhakam Commissioner (Invited)

Ms Ivy Josiah (Proham Member)
Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah (CEO, Global Movement of Moderates)
Panel moderated by Datuk Dr Denison Jayasooria (Proham Secretary General)

Please review three key documents on Malaysia for the UPR Review:-

·         Prepared by the Malaysian Government

·         Prepared by the UN office in Malaysia

·         Prepared by the NGOs in Malaysia

Please confirm participation by emailing:

 What is the Universal Periodic Review?

The Universal Periodic Review "has great potential to promote and protect human rights in the darkest corners of the world.” – Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary-General

The Universal Periodic Review (UPR) is a unique process which involves a review of the human rights records of all UN Member States. The UPR is a State-driven process, under the auspices of the Human Rights Council, which provides the opportunity for each State to declare what actions they have taken to improve the human rights situations in their countries and to fulfil their human rights obligations. As one of the main features of the Council, the UPR is designed to ensure equal treatment for every country when their human rights situations are assessed.

The UPR was created through the UN General Assembly on 15 March 2006 by resolution 60/251, which established the Human Rights Council itself. It is a cooperative process which, by October 2011, has reviewed the human rights records of all 193 UN Member States. Currently, no other universal mechanism of this kind exists. The UPR is one of the key elements of the Council which reminds States of their responsibility to fully respect and implement all human rights and fundamental freedoms. The ultimate aim of this mechanism is to improve the human rights situation in all countries and address human rights violations wherever they occur.

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