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Thursday, 20 October 2016

In solidarity with human rights defenders - PROTECT DEMOCRACY & ENFORCE OUR FREEDOMS

The recent violent threats, obstructive actions and intimations by certain individuals and groups associated to the Red shirts are counterproductive methods. In democratic societies, all groups are free to express in peaceful ways to express their views and convictions. This does not give individuals and groups the license to carry out violent threats, obstructions and intimidating behavior.

We are increasing seeing intolerance in Malaysian society towards the expression of alternative political views and aspirations on matters affecting Malaysia society especially those pertaining to the electoral system and corrupt practices which are viewed as human rights violations by those holding public office.

PROHAM is of the opinion that it is the responsibility of the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Royal Malaysia Police to ensure that Malaysian society is a safe place for exercising democratic rights. Ensuring the democratic space is a fundamental human right.

Therefore PROHAM calls on the Minister of Home Affairs & Inspector General of Police to take proactive steps to ensure Ms Maria Chin, her family and Bersih supporters are protected for exercising their freedoms. The police should provide also security to the public who are exercising their fundamental rights.

Issued on behalf of PROHAM by Datuk Kuthubul Zaman (Chairman) & Datuk Dr Denison Jayasooria (Secretary General)

Oct 21, 2016

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