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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

NUCC to discuss resolutions to ease tensions

The National Unity Consultative Council (NUCC) will be discussing several resolutions that were proposed after a meeting between parties that are concerned with racial and religious tensions.

Global Movement of Moderates (GMM) chief executive Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah who chaired a meeting with 40 organisations today including religious organisations, foreign embassies, and rights advocacy groups said there is a consensus among the parties that mutual understanding and respect is essential in maintaining harmony.

Among the concerns brought up were the lack of governmental leadership in resolving contentious current issues, the lack of clear policies to promote multi-faith cooperation, and the need to restore inter-religious ties.

Society for the Promotion of Human Rights secretary-general Datuk Dr J. Denison said there is a growing sense of frustration and desperation among the public and that these issues need to addressed soon.

He suggests a system where contentious religious issues can be resolved via mediation of a special tribunal.

Political secretary to the Unity and National Integration Minister Tan Sri Joseph Kurup, Vincent Wong said there are programmes to improve the understanding between different communities such as organising a lantern festival where Malays and other races can take part.

Source: KUALA LUMPUR (Feb 5, 2014):

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